The company locates in Northwest of China, Xi’an, which is provincial capital of Shaanxi Province. The city is an ancient city famous for its long history.

        Our company reorganized in 2017.Our business scopes covers researching and manufacturing, importing and exporting, retailing and wholesaling commodities including electrical power equipment; daily necessities; mechanical equipment, building materials, industrial and chemical products; food&drinks and so on.

        We have two factories, one is coal plant, there is 310 workers works in this factory. Another factory is engaged in manufacturing boiler components, there is about 200 employees in this factory.

        As an electric equipment engineering company, we are a manufacturer which is specialized to produce kinds of power equipment. There are large machining center and assembly center. The company owns powerful strength to research and manufacture, with many years experiences of heat technology and whole set project construction, we always carryon project design include electric power project, building project, environment-friendly project, The electromechanical device installation project, and so on. provide special mating equipment to meet our customers' requirements.

        However, this is not enough to meet our market's demand, in order to exploit new markets and expand our sale channels, according to our client's requirement, our company also imports food, subsidiary food, and beverage, drinks; mechanical equipment, building materials, industrial and chemical products, etc....from the worldwide.

        Our company holds a wide range commodity network and an excellent sales team. Our company always places great emphasis on the quality of our products. We serve clients with the quality guideline of being responsible for every working procedure, every product and every client. We believe that quality is the best way to develop the market.All of our products conforms to ISO9001 standards.

        Our mission and vision is always strives to create brains, to create new technology and to develop the product and technology to a higher & better level so as to keep up with the tide.